I'm in Love with the Coco: Chanel Haute Couture 2015 Best Looks

          When decorative hats and bright tweed suits come to mind, Hilary Banks isn't too far behind. Karl Lagerfeld brought Banks-esque style to the runway for his Haute Couture 2015 show with plenty florals, skirt suits, flower embellishments, big hats, and mid-calf boots. Although that sounds all too familiar for Chanel, Lagerfeld managed to, yet again, turn it's signature cheeky yet sophisticated aesthetic on its head appealing to both the mature and cool kid crowds. I'm here for it. View more looks after the jump.
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Four Frumpy-Free Looks to Sport this Winter

          Beating winter-time frump takes skill that for some people, takes a while to master. Its easier to roll out of bed, put on a sweatsuit, choke oneself with a giant scarf, and use the excuse "It's too cold to be cute". Wrong--its never too anything to be cute. It could be hailing, raining, snowing; hell there could even be a hurricane (better grab that Marc Jacobs bikini and swim to safety) and you can still be chic. Bundling up and looking stylish aren't mutually exclusive although it seems that way sometimes. If residents of Alaska are rocking fly fur-trimmed ponchos with Moccasins, anything is possible.
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How Women are Revolutionizing 'Grillz'

         First off let me just say that no, I have not disappeared. Life happened. In other words, my college classes grew tougher, work became more challenging, bills grew larger, and I am overall exhausted. Who feels like blogging when their brain is ready to explode? I'm back though. Hopefully you guys didn't miss me too much. In any case, there's a new "trend" rising from inner cities and filtering its way through good ole social media that I'd like to talk about; something that every rapper loves, every mom despises, and every jewelry lover drools over. Today's topic of discussion concerns women's latest obsession with......gold teeth.

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The Era of Cute: Fashion's New Fixation with Everything Adorable

    Cuteness is having a moment in fashion right now. In countries like Japan, it is simply a natural part of their culture but here in the Western World where sex appeal reigns supreme, we are starting to embrace the aesthetic.
          Today we are experiencing the era of cute; a time where cartoon phone cases and kitschy clutches are for both grown women and little girls. British designer Sophie Hulme was ahead of the curve when she released toy-inspired charms for her structured handbags, which became a hit in recent years.
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Coach Slays for Spring 2015 at NYFW

          Every empire rises and falls, and Coach may be on the rise again since it's heyday during the 1990s. We got a glimpse of what's in store for Fall 2014 (check out my post here) which is an edgier version of the classic American brand's aesthetic, and now the Spring 2014 is revealed. It's quirky, sexy, and effortlessly cool with shaggy pastel jackets, chic mini bags, leather mini skirts, cartoon emblazoned tops, and everything in between. It is quite reminiscent of the 60s and 70s but not too retro or boring. Thank Coach's newly appointed creative director Stuart Vevers for bringing a fresh perspective and modern sensibility to our mom's favorite handbag brand.
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